Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Combination of Aphrodite and Athena





Aphrodite, goddess of beauty. Athena, goddess of wisdom. One should be considered lucky enough if she possess either of these two qualities.

My dear friend Siang Ching is one of the women who possesses both. She is pretty, tall, slim, and extremely charming. And she is no bimbo. Now a producer of a production house Image Farm, Siang Ching used to be a news anchor and TV host.

But beauty and wisdom ain't her biggest asset, if you ask me. Everyone's drawn to her because of her kindness and warmth. I was sent to Penang for a 3 days training while I was a reporter years ago, and Siang Ching had been very kind to show me around and brought me to taste all delicious foods. Penang's become my most favorite place in Malaysia ever since then, and her hospitality was of course an determining factor.

The beautiful lady happened to be in KL during our last shooting session. So I unabashedly asked her to come model for me, even though I knew she had a busy schedule. Like usual, she agreed to help whenever she could.

So thank you very very much, Siang Ching, I owe you one.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Toast to Friendship - Ermesd's Birthday Party

"Another party? What party it is this time?" You ask.

Yes... we love to throw party at a LOFT of things. And this is a birthday party of a handsome and charming young man, Ermesd Cheong.

That's right. He is the "bartender" at my own "housewarming party". Ermesd is a very kind and helpful friend, it's my honor to be his waiter and slave the next day. Haha.

Ermesd's birthday party was extremely fun and enjoyable. And the guests were mostly his schoolmates. After graduated from school for years, they still hang out and have gathering from time to time. Isn't that nice?...

Let's toast to friendship!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Recap of Editor's Choice Mini Bazaar

Who say models are just a bunch of selfish bimbo? Those models who joined the bazaar clean up their space nicely before they left, and they made the effort to put everything back in place.

Recap of last Saturday Editor's Choice Mini Bazaar at a LOFT of things.

Monica Mong - Fashion Editor of NU YOU Magazine
Lee Khim - Assistant Deputy Editor of ICON magazine
Anthony - Creative Director of TIME OUT magazine
Win-ni - Stylist
Rain and her model gang - Malaysia next top models
Season - Actor & fashionista

Official ambassador - Agnes Chee

Other super cool dudes that came to help - Samuel Lee, Edmund Lai, Allien, Gwen... and many more. I was too busy and didn't remember all the names of new friends. Please tag his/her name here if I forgot to mention.

Everyone suspected that Anthony was the top sale. Stuff available at his stall including branded perfumes, branded wallets, a how to win mah jong tutorial book, a chicken that jumped and made noises, a crystal apple, etc, very diverse. This extra ordinarily nice guy had collected all sort of stuff from his friends and helped them to sell in the bazaar.

The model gang reported that their vintage bags were sold out and vintage dresses were flying off the rack.

I want to thank all the Bazaaris. Beside cool and fun, you are all very considerate. Who say models are just a bunch of selfish bimbo? Those models who joined the bazaar cleaned up their corner nicely before they left, and they made the effort to put everything back in place. I thought that rubbish would be everywhere when everyone's left, but nope, everyone disciplined themselves. (But I got about 2 litter of dust when I wiped the floor the next day, no wonder I was allergic that day)

For that, I am thankful.

We might not get rich selling stuff in a bazaar, but everyone had fun, I suppose. What's more to say?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"House Warming Party" of a LOFT of things

It's been 5 days after the Opening cocktail party of a LOFT of things, yet I still haven't sent my thank you note and thank everyone properly. And it seems that I'll be quite busy for the days to come.

So, I want to thank everyone here. Thank you, those who attended the party. I know 8pm on Friday is a wicked hour. Especially the traffic was really jammed that day. But all of you made the effort to come, after a hectic work day. So thank you all who graced the event.

Thank you, those who gave me a pair of helping hand in the parties (especially Muel, Ermesd(the great cocktail is his materpiece!), Char Chyi, Jil, Claude, Eunice, Anthony and of cos, my two angels who flew back from Singapore to help me, Jeanne and Sophia.)

I also want to thank those who sent those beautiful bouquet to my shop during the opening day. Yoyo, Sai Fei, Chong, Lee Khim, Monica, Anthony, Sean Murphy, Yiing Tan, Johnson Chai, Mr. Q, Shane, Robin, 吴意念讲师, Dennis Koh, 细飞, Yoyo, Ai Ling, Chun Ting, Jeane, Pei Pei, San San, Sophia, Wish, Ren Hui, Pelangi Maluri Garment, 大姑, 二姑, 三姑, 尾姑, 吴安, 黄美丽, 美黛, 美桃, 国文, 国敬&Family.

Oh yeah, Joejune, Cyrus and their gang who brought me vodka. Oh, I received 2 bottles of red wines, and didn't even remember who brought them...

The party was not as smooth and fun and glam as I wanted it to be. But you guys have been really patient with me. Say for example, Hoong Jiahui came early so no one she knew was in the party. I wanted to attend to her but was too busy. But this famous TV host had been extremely friendly to everyone and took the initiative to talk my mum and others around her.

Kah Chee(珈琪), another TV host who came alone, said something that really impressed me. She told me she hesitated before she came in because it was so crowded inside and she got nervous. When I apologized to her for not being a good host, she kept comforting me. From that moment, I was sure she was just an innocent girl with a warm heart, not some pretentious bitchy local celeb.

I want to thank 管启源 who rushed to the party right after a recording session in studio. and Wayne and 左眼 who sit through the whole night.

This is the first time I organized a party. I had never actually had any Birthday party (for myself) ever since my mum threw me a birthday party when I was 10. Hence, this party was really a huge challenge to me. I wasn't quite happy with how things went, but whatever is done is done.

Anyway, this party is more for my dad than for myself. I only invited few of my friends. Most invited guests are relatives and my dad's friends. And I hope I passed the test and didn't disappoint him.