Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Featured in 8TV's top rated show: 8 Style

a LOFT of things was featured in 8TV's top rated TV show "8 Style"(时代达人). Below is a series of behind-the-scene photos taken during the shooting of the show. A big thanks to 8TV, producer Lucent, and Kirk and Tian Xing, for featuring us in your esteemed show. Mei Sim, I can see a lot of potential in you. Zack, you're very good looking. And Kelvin, your hair styling rocks!

All outfits in below pictures are available in a LOFT of things.

Kirk and Lucent filming the show.

Famous hair styling Kelvin fron Monsoon-id
Mei Sim & Zack

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Top Selling Camera Straps VLASHOR Now Available at a LOFT of things

Top selling camera straps in Hong Kong, Taiwan & Japan

VLASHOR NOW available at a LOFT of things

Express your style with Vlashor camera straps. We are what we wear. We are what we use. On top of what we essentially wear everyday, accessories help us define our style and individual taste. How we dress and accessorize ourselves distinguish us from those around us. Just like the cameras we use, they might be practical and useful, but what about style? How do you stand out from the sea of photography lovers? That's where Vlashor camera strap comes into the picture. Vlashor (Read “Flasher”) is a Hong Kong brand that is well-known for their camera accessories. Since it was launched, it has become vastly popular in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, especially its camera straps. Vlashor products exemplify action, passion, style and personality, and it aims to take these elements into the world of photography, with stylish designs that cater to your distinctive style.

Vlashor camera straps come in two sizes - thick and petit. The thick ones are perfect for DSLR cameras. For those using prosumer cameras, EVIL cameras and the everyday DC, just strap on a petit Vlashor and you're good to go! With many different designs to choose from, you're bound to find out that suits your style . There are also matching camera cases for your accessorizing pleasure.