Friday, October 22, 2010

Congrats on Graduating, Louise!

Chiffon top: RM66.90  Structured Shorts: RM55.90

I want to congratulate Louise, a barely 21 y/o (or younger?) customer who just graduated from college. She came to a LOFT of things when we just opened our doors in June, and visited us again recently, to buy herself some casual wears and a dress for her mum.

"I have a part time job now, so I want to buy something for my mum to wear on my convocation." Louise told me. It moved me instantly. What a good and loving daughter!

Auntie, you must be very proud of your daughter!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a LOFT of Creepy things. Halloween Potluck Party

Date: 30/10/10 (Sat)
Time: 10pm onward
Tel: 03-6141 8161

Venue: a LOFT of things. B-13A-1, Giza Mall. Jln PJU5/14, Kota Damansara. PJ.

Pot Luck Party. Please bring a dish to share

Or you can pay RM35 so that we can buy foods and drinks on your behalf.

Dress code: Costume required. Private event. By invitation only. RSVP.

We don’t care if you want to take up the role as a vampire or fairy, or simply a drag queen, you must put on a costume. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to buy a dress from a LOFT of things, we’ll help you cross dressing :P

For those shy ones, you can come a little earlier and put on your costume in a LOFT of things.

To those who prefer to bring a dish:
to be fair to others, don’t bring a RM10 worth of peanut lah. You can share with your friends if the dish costs more than RM35. Please inform me what dish you want to bring to the party as early as possible, so that there won’t be repeated dish.

To those who prefer to pay RM35:
Please pay by online transfer. My Maybank account 501057 82 0459

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nu You September 2010

Featured in the #1 Chinese fashion magazine. So excited. Thank you thank you, Alicia, Monica, Seok Cheng and the whole Nu You Team.
Click on the picture to enlarge it!