Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lonely Planet

What does these childish strokes, impressionism paintings on the t shirts remind you? The age of innocence? The secret garden in your heart only you have the key to access?

I hope you love these poetic t shirts from a LOFT of things just like I do.



We are all a lonely planet, rotating in the endless universe. Say hello when we come closer, and a goodbye when we drift apart.



Monday, January 24, 2011

Amber Chia Academy's Fashion Show in Melaka

Amber Chia Academy opened yet another branch in Melaka! The success of this modeling school is simply amazing. An opening ceremony was held last month, followed by a fashion show. a LOFT of things is proud to be the sponsor of the fashion show. Below are professional models wearing clothes from a LOFT of things.

Thank you Amber and Benjamin for giving us the opportunity to work with you.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Year of Rabbit Promotion

!!!Mah Jong Madness Lucky Draw!!!

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, it's time to shop for new clothes!

To celebrate the coming of the Spring, a LOFT of things is pleased to announce that there will be store wide discount from 20/1/11 til 13/2/11. Discount up to 60% for selected items. Our valued VIP will get to enjoy 5% additional discount for all promotional item between 10%-30%.

What's more, when you spend more than RM200 in a single receipt, you get to try your luck at our "Mah Jong Madness Lucky Draw", which allow you to bring home some instant prizes and coupon for next purchase.

Hurry up, let's shop at a LOFT of things and be ready to greet your relatives and old friends in dazzling style!

a LOFT of things wishes you Gong Xi Fa Chai, Happy New Year!


如果你还在为过年还没买齐新衣烦恼,不妨到a LOFT of things逛逛。从20/1/11至13/2/11a LOFT of things将推出高达60%的折扣,回馈顾客。所有打折10%-30%的商品,VIP还能多享5%的折扣。

除此之外,凡买足RM200的顾客,还能参加 "好运到麻将抽奖"。这也不失为一个预测你今年在麻将台上手气如何的办法哦。

快到a LOFT of things添几件新衣,过个亮丽新年吧。

a LOFT of things祝你,新春愉快,新年进步!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Iron Lady Yeo Yann Yann Lives Up to Her Reputation

I asked "The Iron Lady" Yeo Yann Yann whether it was ok to take a picture of her wearing the earring she just bought from a LOFT of things, so that I could put it on Facebook. And she said yes.

Never did I expect that we would spent the next fifteen minutes to get one good shot. No, Yann Yann was not fussy about how she looked in the picture. She just wanted to help me get a clear picture of that wing shape brass earring! I was so embarrassed because all I had was an age-old lousy camera, and there was no proper lighting equipment. However, she moved around and directed me to take picture from this and that angle, using this or that setting, she didn't give up easily just blame it on the camera! At that moment, I suddenly realized how she became such a successful actress.

Now, that's what I call professional!

(Wing shape brass earring from a LOFT of things. Still have one more in store!)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Say Goodbye to Project Sunshine Season 2

Time flies. NTV7 "Project Sunshine" season 2 ended a while ago. Being the sponsor for the show, we would like to thank NTV7. It was our pleasure to work with the host, Tiang Jiaqi. The good news is, our collaboration will continue in her new show. And this time, her new show is about having guys and gals debate about certain relationship issue. Sounds exciting? Stay tuned, for her new show!

P/s: I had thought about capturing the images of Jiaqi wearing our dresses in every episodes of "Project Sunshine", but the result was not satisfactory, so we didn't do it. As you can see here, the online version was stretched to wider ratio and made Jiaqi looked plump...


不过,a LOFT of things和珈琪的缘分,将会在另一个节目延续下去。新节目是两性谈话节目。听说,这将会是马来西亚版的“两代电力公司”哦。