Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beautiful People - Michelle Siow

Michelle Siow, a walk in customer

Michelle just underwent a Lasik surgery, hence the sunglasses. Even though her eyes were still swollen, she still managed to dress so impeccably and give her best to everyone. Now, that's what we call--style.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Bro

Well, believe it or not, this young man is my brother, I mean, biological brother, even though we don't look really alike.

Some say he looks like Jay Chow. But I think he's better looking that Jay Chow. (Sorry, all you Jay Chow's fans out there)

He possesses all the charm and charisma that I don't have.

Now, I present you with, Mr. Kenneth Ng Tze Yang.







All outfits are, of cos, available at "a LOFT of things".
Thanks bro, for posing for me.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Petite Pateet 2

And we tried something wild. Actually, Pateet couldn't accept this kind of style. "It's too much even for a fashionista like me!"she exclaimed. However, I think Pateet looks sharp and playful in these outfits. She should try something more edgy. Don't you agree?

Ok, maybe you don't have to wear the pointed shoulder jacket and the harlem pants then go shopping. But it's perfectly acceptable to wear just the singlet and the harlem pants. Even Pateet's boyfriend said she looks fantastic wearing a harlem pants. Oh no, Pateet, your boy friend is more fashion forwarded than you.

The Panda T shirt, the tutu skirt, and the vest.

 Pateet stopped smiling and gave me this melancholy look after putting on this furry dress. She said this dress looks sentimental. And I got a great shot. She's never modeled before, but she's just a natural.

This one is more common.

Another dress that's too big for her. It's a beautiful lace dress and it's still looking for the right owner.

Petite Pateet 1

Miss Pateet is a total opposite of Miss Liew King. So petite and sweet.

It's amazing to see how one dress can look so different in two women.

The Greek Dress turns into a gown! And I think Petite Pateet looks just as gorgeous.

This one and only Greek Dress is finally bought by Pateet. Bye bye my Greek Dress. I'll miss you. And I'm glad you found the right owner.

But I got another pink dress of the same style. Ok, this is honestly the last piece. No more dress like this in different colors.

The pink dress is more feminine and resembles a rose.

Miss petite Pateet is a bit too small for this dress. Hehe.

Colorful singlets and shorts are so IN. Pateet looks so HOT in those.

All outfits are available at a LOFT of things. :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yes, I'm a Woman, and I'm Strong

Liew King came to try out a few outfits in my shop the other day, and she allowed me to take a few photos of her.

Oh boy, this woman is just gorgeous. She has the height of a runway model, but not as skinny. Her physique tell the world a message: I'm strong and beautiful, I'm not the easily break china doll.

This white dress looks like dresses ancient Greek women wear, so I gave it a name--"the Greek Dress". Ancient Greek women were tough and strong (Athena!). I think this dress brings out Liew King's personality.

Put a belt on it, this dress's transformed into something more feminine. And the ruffles on the side becomes more obvious. This is an amazing dress. However, I only have one piece (white) and it was bought by another girl... (You'll see later how this dress is like when another girl wears it)

This is another dress that fits Liew King well. However, this dress was also bought by another lady. (Yes, I only have 1 piece. As I told you before, all dresses in ALOT are of limited quantity.)

Actually it is not easy to carry this dress, I was so worried that I bought the wrong stuff. But Liew King looks marvelous in this dress.

Thanks Liew King, for demonstrating how to wear these dresses.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Guy in Green Suit

Last batch of photos from Edwin. Outfits are of course, available at a LOFT of things.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Signage is Finally Up

After weeks of confusions and headache and frustration and anger, my signage is finally up. I'm one of the earliest tenant who moved in and the last to get his signage installed. Why? Long story...

Anyway, can anyone check the Chinese Yellow Calender for me, is today (14/6/10) a good day to put up the signage?

See the worker performing acrobatics work.

Yahoo, I have a signage now! I'm not a suspicious shop anymore.

And yup, this is the signage you guys had helped to finalize the design and name. Thank you all!

Retro Knit Dress

I got these cute knit dresses from a designer friend of mine from Bangkok. The material is thin and expandable. Simple and sweet.

Item Code: 1200504015 - Purple
Fit S & M size ladies
Price: RM49.90

Item Code: 1200504015 - Black
Fit S & M size ladies

Price: RM49.90

Item Code: 1200504015 -Green
Fit S & M size ladies

Price: RM49.90

I call it Paul Smith Stripe

Hm... How do you call these stripes? I call it Paul Smith Stripes. Easier for everyone to understand.

No matter what it is called, these colorful stripes will surely brighten up you day, and everybody around you.

I've got 3 colors for this dress:
Item Code: 1200501004 -yellow button.

Item Code: 1200501004 -orange button

Item Code: 1200501004 -blue button
Bust size: 36 inches
Length: 34 inches
Usual Price: RM79.90

Sequined Vest

These sequined vests are so affordable. Only RM28 each.

Item Code: Sequined Vest Type A
One size fits all
Usual Price: RM34.90

Item Code: Sequined Vest Type B
One size fits all
Usual Price: RM34.90

One Shoulder Dress for Saturday

Hey girls, below is a party dress for your perusal. I think this one shoulder knitted dress with embroidery is excellent for a night out on Saturday.

It was a quick snap shot and I didn't bother to remove another skirt before putting this knitted dress on the mannequin, hence the hip of the mannequin looks bulky and wrinkled. I can assure you that this expandable (it is knit wear!) dress will hug your body nicely.

Item Code: 1200504009
Fit S to M size ladies Usual Price: RM89.90

The Power of Lace

You think lace is for grandma? Nope. Our beloved designer Miucia Prada has brought it back to life. Since she launch her Fall 2008 Lace collection,  lace has become one of the hottest elements in fashion industry. All designers have been trying to modernize lace, and interpreting lace differently. Below are some lace garments I found oversea.

Lace Top
Item Code: 1200504006  White/Black
Price: RM89.90

Well, below are not really lace, but just as nice.

Short Lace Jacket (zip on the back):
Item Code: 1200504007 - Black/White
Bust Size: 40 inches
Length: 15 inches
(fits S & M size ladies)
Price: RM89.90