Thursday, September 29, 2011

Smell of Prairie: Canvas Shoes

So natural, yet so dainty. When the wind blows, I can smell hay and daisy in the air...Canvas shoes for gentlemen and ladies.


Friday, September 23, 2011

People Tree - Sustainable and Fair Trade Fashion

During my last trip to Japan, I stumbled across a fashion brand called People Tree. At the first sight, I must say it's not something screaming for your attention. However, the style is so comfortable to see and comfortable to wear.

What really touched my heart though, is the philosophy behind this brand. In short, People Tree creates Fair Trade and organic clothing and accessories by forming lasting partnerships with Fair Trade, organic producers in developing countries.

In order to produce sustainable clothing, People Tree promotes natural and organic farming, avoids polluting substances, protects water supplies, uses biodegradable substances where possible, and recycles materials where possible.

And by following WFTO standards, People Tree also aims to help people in the world's most marginalised communities escape poverty and promote sustainability.

Currently, it seems that People Tree can only be found in Japan and UK. However, I believe that our fellow Malaysian would want be part of such a meaningful brand and products. Therefore, a small collection of People Tree is now available at a LOFT of things!

For more information about this conscientious fashion brand, feel free to explore their website:

Pictures courtesy of People Tree. For your information, the spokesperson of People Tree's latest collection is Emma Watson, as seen in the first pic.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Roman Style T Shirt

For those of you who complained I never upload men's fashion on this blog (actually, just seldom), there you go. I got a customer Adfei Yap posing for me, for free :P  By the way, Adfei is also a part time model.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jacket and Vest - Give your old clothes a new look

Every wonder why some women look so fashionable and chic? It's because they know how to utilize a vest or a jacket. Simply by adding one more layer, be it a jacket or a vest, you will look more sophisticated. What's more, by mix and match a jacket or vest, you can instantly get a new look from the old clothes.

Who say you can only wear a vest with a pants. Wear it with a dress! Isn't that nice? Pink Vest: RM59.90 (available in pink, black, cream). Yellow Polka Dot Dress: RM56.90

You can also wear a vest with a pair of shorts. Pink Vest: RM59.90. (Also available in black and white) 

Same vest as picture 2 in black color. RM59.90

Jacket also adds sophistication to a woman's look. Pink Jacket: RM59.90. (also available in beige color). Green Pants with Polka Dots belt: RM59.90

If you want a more stylo jacket, what about this one? Black jacket: RM69.90. Yellow pants: RM56.90 (available in yellow and black, belt included)

Tied or untied, this vest has it's own unique character. Black vest: RM59.90 (also available in pink). Jeans: RM69.90

The same vest in pink color. This is how it looks like when you tied it. Pink vest: RM59.90

Vest with high waist pants. Black Vest: RM59.90 (also available in white)  High waist paints: RM59.90

Same vest in white color. White Vest: RM59.90  High waist paints: RM59.90

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Conjoined Twins & Triplets

My friends all know I am crazy about creative fashion design, especially when the designers experiment and play with structure. Clothing with a touch of sartorial humor also easily win my heart. Hence, it is not hard to imagine my excitement when I found these incredible pieces. 

Above is a piece of garment stitched together by 3 singlets. And hence I give it a name, TRIPLETS. It might look weird. However, it is NOT a dramatic or avant garde dress that's only meant for fashion show. When you put this dress on someone, as shown by my beautiful friend Christina, it is actually quite wearable.


What's more, you can TRANSFORM TRIPLETS from a DRESS to a TOP!

See, isn't it a brilliant idea?

Below is also a weird looking T shirt.

It seems that the T shirt is meant for conjoined twins (hence the name, "Conjoined Twins"). Indeed, the body of the T Shirt is joined together and each has only one sleeve. However, you can easily transform this T Shirt into a more "normal" looking T shirt, as shown below.

Ok, now, let's see how it actually looks like when it is worn by real people.

Yup, you can put your hand through another "t shirt", and "the other half" will sort of become a sleeve (as shown in last two pictures). TWINS is free size, and comes in 2 colors, black and white. And you might also notice that, a guy my size (I'm not exactly the thinnest, you know) and a slim lady like Christina can both fit in this t shirt comfortably.

When I was a kid, I so wanted to have a twin brother. Now, when I wear this t shirt, I feel like "oh no, where's my missing half? where is my twin brother? I'm sure you are somewhere, we are just separated by accidents. I'll find you eventually!"